Team Intro

Based in Asia’s most vibrant cities, WhiteWave Media Group is comprised of media professionals from varied backgrounds, all possessing deep experience in luxury media.

More importantly, we are a dynamic and passionate media team, a unique hybrid of magazine fans, luxury lovers & tech-nuts.

We believe that content is, and will always be, king, and we endeavor always to deliver the highest editorial and production quality in whichever media we are working in.

At the same time, our digital DNA makes us fanatically focused on delivering results, which we carry as our calling card while serving clients.

We are many things, but one thing is certain.

We are not your traditional media group.

    Management Profiles

  • Julian Peh

    Group Founder & CEO

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    Known within Asian luxury media circles as its pioneering online entrepreneur, Julian serves as our Group CEO, spearheading the business and product development of the Group.

    Launching in 2006, he parlayed a passion for great content and expertise with digital media to make the undisputed market leader among luxury websites in Asia.

    Taking the Group regional in 2008 with new offices in China and Hong Kong, Julian led the Group in various acquisitions and deals, while continuing to launch successful products that cemented the Group’s reach across the region.

    An enthusiastic reader and collector of magazines from an early age, Julian is a lover of great content and also a keen student of technological trends.

    Julian graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Laws and was a practicing lawyer before founding the Group. Prior to that he was an early (and serial) online entrepreneur, with his first start-up being a lifestyle portal in 1998, and his second a digital marketing agency in 2001.

    Julian is based in WWMG’s Shanghai office.

  • Christy Lau

    General Manager, Hong Kong / Group Sales Director

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    Leading our team in the vibrant and vital Hong Kong market, Christy is our General Manager for Hong Kong / Macau, and oversees all account management of the Group.

    Understanding luxury brands' need for a more accountability in advertising, Christy first joined our Group as Associate Advertising Director of BACCARAT MAGAZINE in 2009. She played a major role in the Group's efforts for a truly integrated marketing approach, and in our rapid expansion. She was promoted to General Manager in 2011, and today she manages all business aspects of our Hong Kong operations.

    Prior to joining the Group, Christy held senior sales positions with several luxury magazine publishers, and has a long track record in understanding and serving the needs of luxury clients.

    Christy is based in WWMG’s Hong Kong office.