WhiteWave Media Group launches Luxury Locator: Hong Kong

Luxury Locator: Hong Kong is the first mobile app that lists and organizes the most essential luxury brand boutiques and shops in Hong Kong

Invaluable for travelers to Hong Kong as well as local shopaholics, Luxury Locator: Hong Kong is the very first mobile app that allows you to browse boutiques and products tailored to your choice and current location.

Hong Kong, 16 October 2012 – WhiteWave Media Group, Asia’s leading integrated luxury  media  group,  has  launched  Luxury  Locator: Hong  Kong, a market-first location-based  iPhone app serving luxury shoppers in Hong Kong, both visitors and locals. This follows on the heels of the  successful launch of Luxury Locator: Singapore in June 2012.

Luxury Locator: Hong Kong is the first mobile app that lists and organizes the most essential  luxury brand boutiques and shops  in  Hong  Kong.  Complementing  the mobile app is an online directory, available via the ‘Shopping’ section of Asia’s no 1 luxury website  Luxury-Insider.com.    Developed in close collaboration with leading luxury brands, Luxury Locator: Hong Kong promises complete information and accuracy.

Luxury Locator: Hong Kong is available for iTunes download in both Simplified Chinese and English editions.

Here’s what you can enjoy by downloading the app:

Specially designed for the luxury shopper

Unlike other  general travel apps, Luxury Locator:  Hong Kong  has been designed from the ground up with the needs of luxury shoppers in Hong Kong in mind.

You are able to find branded  boutiques  using three main criteria:   By Brand, By Product Category or By Location.

Searching By Brand is great if you already know  which brand you’re looking  for. You can quickly browse the app’s database for standalone brand boutiques, as well as retailers carrying the brand you’re after.

Youve set your eyes on the latest Breguet timepiece. Scroll through the Brand list, tap  on  ‘Breguet’ and  you  will  see the  nearest  Breguet  boutique,  or  the  nearest retailer offering Breguet watches.

Use the By Location function to find luxury boutiques  and retailers in one of the 4 main shopping areas in Hong Kong. This will help you to plan your shopping  trip if you know where you’re going to be.

Youre headed to Connaught Road in Central for a business meeting, and have time to  spare. Before you even leave the hotel, click on the By Location  button  to see what brands are in the area of your meeting: bingo! Salvatore Ferragamo is right at your doorstep, perfect to try on that dress you’ve had your eye on.

By Category is useful to hone in on shops that carry the product  you are looking for,  be it handbags, watches or shoes. The app clearly indicates  whether a store carries  gender-specific products  so it’s easy to shop for yourself, your partner or friends.

Your husband has hinted that he wants a pair of Bally Shoes for his birthday. Click on  the  By  Category  button,  search for  shoes for  men,  and  select  from  a list  of relevant stores that carry men’s accessories.

Proprietary Geolocation System for Accuracy in Shopping Clusters

Luxury Locator: Hong Kong is powered  by a proprietary  geolocation  algorithm that greatly improves the accuracy of the phone’s GPS tracking result.

You can use the Near You function  on the phone to view a list of shops near their current location, as well as browse cool products available around them.

As the app and its improved  geolocation  tracking system have been developed  for and  tested  extensively  within  the  shopping  clusters  of  Hong  Kong,  you  can  be assured of a superior shopping experience.


A remarkably user-friendly interface

Designed for people on the go, the Luxury Locator:  Hong Kong app, with its large buttons and uncluttered design interface, is remarkably easy to use

Commenting  on  this  latest  launch,  WWMG  Group  CEO Julian  Peh said:  “It  has always been our intention to launch Luxury Locator in major shopping cities in Asia. After the successful launch of Luxury Locator: Singapore, our product  development team  have  used  user  feedback  to  further  refine  our  proprietary  mobile  location based platform.”

“Hong Kong is one of the most popular luxury shopping destinations in Asia, with a dazzling variety of brands and shops available. Luxury Locator:  Hong Kong is the perfect app to help the luxury buyer navigate this great shopping city. In particular, we know that our Simplified Chinese edition of the app will definitely become a tool that Chinese travellers will not leave home without.”

Two separate versions of Luxury Locator:  Hong Kong have been launched today, one in English, and the other in Simplified Chinese targeting shoppers from China. Luxury Locator is developed through close technical collaboration with Singapore’s app developer BuUuk.  It is available for download  on Apple’s App Store: users can easily  find  the download  link for the app  by searching  for “Luxury Locator  Hong Kong” on Google or within the App Store. Those looking for the Simplified Chinese version can search for “城中名店:香港” within the App Store.

Luxury Locator:  Hong Kong will be available on other platforms  later this year. In addition, WWMG has plans to launch Luxury Locator within other key Asian markets.

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